Glossary of Wild Hog Terms

(as defined by Cody Weiser)

Wild Hog – The term given to any form of swine found in the wild, including feral hogs, European hogs, and hybrids between the two. Wild hogs are also frequently called “Russian Boars”, “Razorbacks”, “Woods Hogs”, “Feral Pigs”, and “Eurasian Hogs”.

Hog – A general term that is used to describe any gender or age of swine.

Boar – A mature male hog.

Sow – A female hog that has already had at least one litter of pigs.

Barrow or Barr – A boar that has been castrated.

Gilt – A female hog that has not yet had a litter of  pigs.

Shoat – Any young hog that has already been weaned.

Piglet – An un-weaned baby hog. Also known as a “Striper”, “Squealer”, or “Watermelon”.

Litter – A group of piglets that are born to one sow.

Farrowing – The act of a sow giving birth.

Cutters – The bottom tusks of a boar hog.

Whetters – The top tusks of a boar hog that are used to grind and sharpen the bottom tusks. (Different spellings are sometimes used.)

Mane – The ridge of hair that runs down the back bone of a hog. This hair stands erect when the hog is alerted or angry.

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