Scoring System

In developing a fair and simple method to score wild boars, we focused on the basic and most popular characteristics that all hunters look for in a trophy or “record book” wild boar. These two attributes are body weight and tusk size. We developed a scoring system to rank wild boars that gives both characteristics “separate but equal” representation. The WWT scoring system does this flawlessly.

In using the WWT system, only the weight of the boar and the size of his bottom tusks are figured into the score. In scoring, every inch of bottom tusk has been made equivalent to 50 pounds of body weight. The main focus in developing this scoring system was simplicity and equality among genetically different boars. This was accomplished by separating boars into two different classes. These two classes are the “Weight” class (W) and the “Tusk” class (T). The W class is designed to group all boars who get the majority number of points due to body weight, while the T class groups all boars together that receive the majority number of points from tusk length.  SCORING EXAMPLE

The W and T classes allow for all boars to be ranked by their greater physical characteristics. It equalizes the differences in physical attributes caused by differences in genetics, environment, and nutrition. Much like Boone and Crockett uses typical and non-typical classes to separate genetic differences, the WWT system uses the “Weight” and “Tusk” classes to separate genetically different boars for fair ranking purposes. The circumference is figured into the equation to be used as a tie breaker in close scoring situations. CLASSIFICATION EXAMPLE

All scoring must be done by an official scorer. Wild Boar USA / Ugly Dog Ranch has official scorers throughout different regions of the United States and hopefully soon in different parts of the world. It is the hopes of all involved that the scoring system will help boar hunting surge forward in both popularity and respect while at the same time allowing documentation and competition between all giant boars taken. We encourage all hunters to include a WWT score with any photos sent to various magazines and websites. By doing this the popularity and understanding of the system will grow. It will also allow for readers to be able to compare trophy values of boars.

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