Weiser Weight & Tusk



Rev. 07/15/09

• All scoring must be done by an official scorer.
• All scoring must be done within 48 hours of kill.
• All scales used must be calibrated at least once a year. Feel free to use scales at slaughter houses or feed mills – scales at truck weigh stations are not acceptable)
• Official scorers must witness the weighing of the hog.
• Any fees that are charged for weighing a boar are the responsibility of the hunter.
• All weights are to be measured in pounds, to the nearest pound.
• All tusk measurements are to be measured in inches, to the nearest 1/8 inch.
• All measuring will be done on the outside of the bottom tusk with the end of the tape placed on the edge of the gum line and measured to the nearest 1/8 inch.
• The tusk circumference will be measured at the gum line to the nearest 1/8 inch.
• The two bottom tusks are the only two measured.
• If a tusk is broken then only the remaining portion of the tusk will be measured.
• If a tusk is missing then that tusk is figured as a zero.
• Weiser Weight and Tusk accepts any type of boar hunting method in both high fenced or free range hunting situations.
• There must be at least 100 acres under high fence to qualify for WWT entry in the high fence books.
• One 35mm or digital color photo of the boar will be sent in with the score card or emailed to: customer-service@wildboarusa.com. The picture shall be taken of the whole boar.  The picture and all copyrights of the picture become property of Weiser Weight and Tusk and  will not be returned.
• A $10.00 non-refundable booking fee will be sent in with each score card. (check or money order only)
• A minimum score of 400 points is required to be entered into the record books.  Once entered, a boar will remain in the book forever.
• Weiser Weight and Tusk is a world wide scoring system.
• Cheating will not be tolerated! Any scorer and/or hunter found to be cheating in any way will be banned from Weiser Weight and Tusk and the score card will be voided.
• Weiser Weight and Tusk reserves the right to refuse or void any entry for any reason that is deemed necessary.
• Boars that are obviously domestic in breed and appearance will not be scored or accepted.  This decision will be made by the official scorer but can also be made by Weiser Weight and Tusk once the photo of the boar is received.  All decisions are final and not debatable.
• An official scorer is not allowed to score a boar he or she has harvested.
• The hunter must provide a stamped envelope so the official scorer can send in the score card.
• By signing the score card, both hunter and scorer are confirming the validity of the information placed on the card and they are  agreeing to comply with all the rules set forth by Weiser Weight and Tusk.